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Fun Fact Japan

Seijin no Hi

Seijin no Hi

Happy New Year to you and to all of Japan’s “new adults”! The second Monday in January is “Seijin no Hi (#成人の日),” a Japanese national holiday, which celebrates young women and men who, at 20 years old, have officially become adults. Cities throughout Japan will host parties at various venues, where mayors will give speeches imparting well wishes and encouragement to the young adults. Women will dress in furisode kimonos and men in hakamas. This picture is from a 2020 ceremony. (@鴨川シーワールド).

Twenty years old is the legal drinking age in Japan! ZENKICHI as Japanese restaurant in Berlin is proud to have one of Europe’s largest, pure Junmai  Premium Sake collections. Try the “Sake Tasting” to find your favorite Sake!

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