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Furoshiki are traditional, Japanese wrapping cloths.  Literally translated to "bath spread", Furoshiki were originally used when the Japanese would wrap everything needed for a visit to the baths in these intricately designed cloths. 

In modern times, Furoshiki can be used to present anything beautifully --  bento snack boxes, small presents, as table linens, hung as wall tapestries to add color to a room and even tied into a bag for daily use.  

Not only are they beautiful, but they can be reused -- a gift to your recipient and to Mother Earth.

Soy Sauce Plate | Turquoise

Regular price €8,25 +
Soy Sauce Plate | Cherry Blossom Pink

Regular price €8,25 +
Soy Sauce Pourer | Katakuchi Green

Regular price €10
Mini Lacquered Dessert Spoon | Set of 4 or 6

Regular price €12,99 +
Furoshiki Dinner Napkin | Nostalgia | Teal Green | 48cm

Regular price €13
Furoshiki Dinner Napkin | Reversible | Noble Plum in Japanese Red and Green | 48cm

Regular price €16
Sake Carafe & cup set

Regular price €66
Furoshiki Bag Handles | Black Walnut | Large 24.5cm

Regular price €39,99
Furoshiki Scarf | Camellia Navy Blue | 70cm

Regular price €68
Mini Wood Spoon | Set of 4 or 6

Regular price €11,99 +
Furoshiki Wrap Cloth | Cats & Birds Green | 70cm

Regular price €23
Furoshiki Cloth | Sugar plum fairy | 70cm

Regular price €35