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RYUSEI BEKKAKU Junmai Daiginjo
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RYUSEI BEKKAKU Junmai Daiginjo


Brewed in Kimono method which accounts for 2% of all Sake production, only 1,500 bottles of this supple and translucent Sake are produced per year.

(We recommend that you please order something more fragrant for a Sake beginner) 

Upon opening the bottle, serve the first glass chilled for clean and refreshing notes of honey dew and muscat grapes. The remainder of the bottle may be gently warmed to around 50 degrees Celsius to enjoy gentle & expansive aromas of rice, as well as pleasantly lingering layered flavors.

With a gorgeous black box, you are sure to impress your Sake connoisseur friend 😉


Junmai Dai Ginjo

17% vol. / 720ml

Fujii brewery | since 1863 | Hiroshima