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Zenkichi 2019 Limited Sake Bottle
Christoph Niemann Zenkichi 2019 Label Design
Christoph Niemann
Sawahime Brewery at IWC

ZENKICHI BERLIN | Limited Edition | Christoph Niemann


A limited-production bottles available only at ZENKICHI Berlin.

The master brewer of the award-winning Sawahime Series has exclusively bottled a special “Berlin inspired” Junmai Ginjo for ZENKICHI, in collaboration with artist Christoph Niemann.

This Sake has aromas of sweet cotton candy and muscat grapes with a hint of lemon zest. Vibrant acidity and crisp dryness. Slight spiciness of white peppercorns on contact is followed by the lingering finish of the bittersweet juniper berries.


With its custom designed label and limited availability, it will undoubtedly be a great keepsake bottle for you or your loved ones.


The very first collaboration between the Top Artist in Berlin x Elite Sake Brewery from Japan. The two craftsman were brought together by Zenkichi in 2018 and asked to express their mutual love for Sake and Berlin on/in our bottle. 



Christoph Niemann is one of the world's leading illustrators/graphic artists today. Born in Waiblingen, West Germany, he studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart under Heinz Edelmann.  

He moved to New York City in 1997 and returned to Germany to call Berlin his home in 2008. He has been showing off his multiple talents to the world as an illustrator and graphic designer, even co-authoring several books including some children's books. 

Among Niemann's many esteemed clients, he is best known for the artwork provided for Hermés, The New Yorker and The Museum of Modern Art.

The original label for Zenkichi Berlin 2019 playfully features the iconic TV tower and the tram lines, with a salute to the east Berlin and a subtle nod to Japan - red circle depicting the Japanese flag.


Founded in 1868, the boutique brewery is run by the 5th generation owner-brewmaster Hiroshi Inoue.

Inoue became the certified brewmaster in the prestigious Nanbu Toji clan in his 20's, the youngest to be welcomed into the clan in its history.  

Inoue and his young passionate team are committed to bringing fresh ideas while honoring traditional Sake-making. Their efforts have been thoroughly recognized by the numerous medals awarded domestically and internationally, one of which being the IWC Champion Medal.

Junmai Ginjo

15% vol. / 720ml

Inoue Seikichi Shoten brewery, est.1868, Tochigi prefecture, Japan

Christoph Niemann Photo by Gene Glover