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Due to its delicate nature, this sparkling Sake is available only to be enjoyed or purchased at Zenkichi Berlin.

Bottle-fermented, this is truly a unique sparkling and nigori seasonal Sake. The aromas of dried mango and macadamia nuts linger like a fine mist as delicate bubbles rise to the surface. The opening presentation of the bottle is an experience on its own.
This seasonal non-pasteurized Sake has a limited annual production of 1,500 bottles, of which Zenkichi received 48 of from this year's batch. Due to their delicate nature, this product must be temperature controlled and therefore cannot be shipped.
Don't miss the chance to experience the magic of this exclusive Sake at Zenkichi Berlin!

Fujii brewery does not produce large amounts of Sake due to its small scale. However, they use this to their advantage and specialize in producing time-consuming Sake that can only be achieved by a few skilled craftsmen.
The basic and traditional concept of this brewery is based on the philosophy that nature brews sake, not people; people assist nature by optimizing and putting in effort to support nature's work. As a part of this belief, this brewery only uses rice and rice-kōji to produce their Sake, whereas most other breweries add distilled alcohol into their Sake for stabilization. 
Another philosophy of Fujii brewery is to create Sake which help bring out the characteristics of the dishes, which are gentle and can easily accompany a meal. Their concept is to allow Sake to bring out the characteristics of the dishes so as to compliment each other.
Fujii Brewery believes that the five diverging flavors of Sake - sweetness, acidity, dryness, bitterness, and astringency - are determined by its aging time according to the quality of the Sake as well as the temperature it is served in. This versatility allows their Sake to accompany a vast range of cuisines. They also put in great effort in creating high quality Sake yeast and rice kōji, in order to create the perfect "complete fermentation" process (the process of changing the sugar of rice kōji into alcohol) no matter what rank the Sake may belong to.

Fujii brewery was founded in 1863. The first generation brewmaster determined that Takehara City in Hiroshima Prefecture was ideal for Sake brewing due to its great water quality which is plentiful. Facing the Seto Inland Sea, rich sea food culture has flourished here. 

Junmai Ginjo

17% vol. / 720ml

Fujii brewery, since 1863, Hiroshima