Yamakiu Soy Sauce Gold | 300ml

Yamakiu Soy Sauce Gold | 300ml

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 Premium Soy sauce

This fragrant soy sauce is traditionally brewed with carefully selected ingredients and barrel-matured for a minimum of two years in a 130-year-old giant Akita-cedar coopers. 

Because the typical lifespan of these tanks is 100 to 150 years, we may be able to enjoy them for just another few decades... ⁠ ⁠

Currently, only 1 % of all soy sauce produced in Japan is brewed in the traditional kioke coopers such as these. Tens of thousands of cooper-manufacturers existed in the 1920's, but there is only one company left with the knowledge of this important craft today.

These coopers yield high fragrance and unmatched depth in the soy sauce‘s flavor profile, a gift that those brewed in stainless steel tanks cannot provide. A small but hopeful movement to revive this beautiful craftsmanship is gaining traction in Japan now. Using this soy sauce to help spread the word with us about wonderful qualities of Kioka-brewed products could very well prevent extinction of artisanal "kioke" wooden-cooper brewing! 

Recommended to be used with any simple high-quality ingredients (i.e. Sashimi, cold tofu, avocado, or mozzarella cheese).

Storage | Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.


Made in Japan

Kodama brewery | since 1879 | Akita prefecture

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