Sake Pairing

Sake does not traditionally pair with foods like Western cultures pair wines with their meals. Sake can enhance the flavors of the dish, and some foods bring out the best flavors of a Sake. Finding harmony by pairing a light sake with a lighter dish can be wise. At the same time, pairing fried or fattier foods with an acidic Sake can cut through the fat and create a nice balance.

Typically rich, deep and powerful, Junmai Sake tend to be mildly aromatic but full of Umami. Dishes with a bold flavor tend to pair well with the bigger, more robust flavor of Junmai Sake. Often balanced in acidity and Umami, Junmai type is a great partner with grilled meats, cheeses, mushrooms or tomatoes.  


Junmai Ginjo type is typically characterized as much more fragrant than Junmai types. Junmai Ginjo Sakes are flavorful and aromatic, usually refreshingly fruity and floral notes with hints of melon, apple, or banana. Best enjoyed on their own, before meals, or with light dishes such as grilled vegetables, salads or white fish.


Junmai Dai Ginjo type usually has fine and clean aromas with fruity bouquets and elegant flavors. So as not to overpower the Sake’s elegance, lighter more natural dishes pair well to bring out the best of both the Sake as well as the dish. When prepared simply, dishes like sashimi, fresh salad, seafood and poultry can be a perfect match for a refined Junmai Dai Ginjo.