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Take a break from festive see-and-be-seen scenes and hide away in the intimate semi-private booth tables. This relaxing setting enables you to concentrate on Japanese food, sake, and your dining companions. Once seated, you can savor Japanese seasonal small plates meant to be shared with the table. Complete your meal with the best selection of premium sake in Berlin. You will taste the difference!

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For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come next door and sate your desires with our ever changing internationally and seasonally inspired small plates. We love food, lots of different food, just like you.


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Sake is our passion and we serve only the best.

At Zenkichi, we specialize in Junmai (pure-rice), all-natural premium sakes made exclusively with rice, water and koji (rice yeast), completely free of additives. You will taste the difference!

We offer extensive selection of over 30 kinds of premium sake from many regions of Japan – from popular, seasonal, to rare and limited production bottles.Our servers receive regular training and will not recommend anything they have not tasted themselves.






At Zenkichi, one feels they have just stepped off a plane and into a Brasserie in Japan. The restaurant features 600 sqm with 35 tables and seating for up to 130 people. For a more intimate gathering we also have a private dinning room that can seat from 10 – 40 people as well. With an extensive Sake list and Japanese Whiskeys, as well as special Omakase menus, we are a perfect place for your special event and dinner.

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