UPDATE 22.November 2022
Our Beautiful Restaurant on Johannisstrasse 20 is lost...
ZENKICHI's beautiful dining room became unfit to accommodate customers due to damages from the demolition and construction work by the building owner that started in 2020.  We patiently operated with delivery / catering in 2021, and even attempted to create a Sake bar pop-up/private group dining in a potentially usable space in the building. To much of our grief, our delivery operation also came to a halt due to our kitchen becoming unsafe to operate, due to further damages by the construction work.  We are stuck without a location, but our small but dedicated team is trying to stay strong. 
Temporary Kitchen
Last week, ZENKICHI finally moved in to a small temporary kitchen nearby to operate our delivery.  We would like to thank everyone who informed us of a  potential location to move to, as well as all kind words and greetings that were sent our way during this difficult time.
Delivery | Wednesday ~ Saturday
Please place your order in advance via our website
Indoor Dining in a New Location
ZENKICHI has a potential new location nearby to relocate to.  The team is excited and hopes to welcome diners again in Spring 2022! 
Just like myself, the chefs and sommeliers have families to take care of. I feel so strongly indebted to the people I work with, who have been standing by despite the situation.
Please support us to secure the livelihood of this amazing team so that the chefs can continue to create their culinary art and Sake sommeliers can spread their love for a beautiful crafts of our beloved Sake breweries we represent.
Motoko Watanabe
Owner & Sake Sommelier