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Have you ever tried "Sparkling Sake"? Essen&Trinken features some culinary souvenirs from around the world in its latest issue. Amongst them, the sparkling sake "Kikuizumi" from Takizawa brewery. The brewery, located near Tokyo, has worked almost a decade to perfect its sake, using the traditional zero-dosage Champagne method. It is limited to 3,000 bottles a year, but you can get your bottle at Zenkichi Berlin.  Read more

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Just in time to toast for #worldsakeday (Oct 1st), our shipment of Ryusei #hiyaoroshi - Autumn draft "just arrived for us in Berlin!#hiyaoroshi - the autumn draft is a #seasonal #sake that has been aged through summer and bottled without 2nd pasteurization, resulting in a fresh and lively quality -full of flavors.Special seasonal sake made of 100% local premium Sake rice, "Hattan 35"- known for high-class Sake brewing.The refreshing fragrance of white flowers and green bamboo with a hint of candied Muscat grapes.Sharp and dry on the first contact, settling into a light and pleasantly tart finish.Limited quantity, refrigeration required. Enjoy the seasonal Sake at ZENKICHI Berlin. Reservations only.  #龍勢 #広島 #広島の酒 #軟水醸造法 #日本酒 #ryusei #sake #hiroshima#hiroshimasake #sakestagram#zenkichiberlin #omakaseinberlin#berlinsake #junmaisake #junmaisake #sakelover#authenticjapanese #japanesefoodberlin

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Fun Fact Japan

Seijin no Hi

Happy New Year to you and to all of Japan’s “new adults”! The second Monday in January is “Seijin no Hi (#成人の日),” a Japanese national holiday, which celebrates young women and men who, at 20 years old, have officially become adults. Cities throughout Japan will host parties at various venues, where mayors will give speeches imparting well wishes and encouragement to the young adults. Women will dress in furisode kimonos and men in hakamas. This picture is from a 2020 ceremony. (@鴨川シーワールド).

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